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"In a nutshell - it's a (colour)match made in heaven!"

"At Woolworths we are passionate about remaining true to our core values of quality and style, service, value, integrity, innovation and sustainability and constantly working to make ‘the difference’ by putting our customers first every day. Partnering with suppliers like Printafoil, whose uncompromising values match ours in every way, makes maintaining our exacting standards a walk in the park. In a nutshell - it's a (colour)match made in heaven! Thank you, Printafoil team!"

Linda Dorfling, Woolworths

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Printafoil is committed to working toward a cleaner environment. We are busy with multiple projects that are focused on minimising our carbon footprint and any potential damage to the environment. 

We look to balance business with environmental considerations by promoting sustainability in all aspects of package production, including energy use and generation, design, materials, methods and waste disposal.

Sustainability optimizes the value of packaging through every phase of its life cycle, from design to end use.

Through intelligent design, careful material selection, and best practices at the plant level,  Printafoil is able to minimize waste, reduce shipping costs and increase efficiencies – all of which support a sustainable use of resources and cultivate a positive emotional connection to the brand. 

Biodegradable Film

Our matt, gloss or soft touch finish film lamination has the following characteristics.


  • Same strength as conventional plastic


  • Compatible with existing or dedicated recycle streams


  • Same recoverable energy as conventional plastic


  • Degrades in managed landfill to assist with compression and optimize utilization

       Open Environmental Impact

  • Minimizes litter accumulation


  • NOT compostable as it biodegrades too slowly

Forest Stewardship Council

"Printafoil is proudly FSC® 
If we use an FSC certified substrate for your product, we can trace it back to the plantation it came from."

FSC®: Printafoil is FSC® certified

ISO 9000:2015: ISO certified

BEE: Printafoil is BEE certified

Compostable Film

Plants like corn, cassava, sugar cane or beets are used to transform greenhouse gases into sugars, which get fermented . The end result are pellets, used to create this PLA material.


  • The product walls are 20-30% thinner than conventional plastics, whilst still achieving the same load strength. A significant reduction in the amount of material used.


  • 100% compostable

       Air Pollution

  • 50% less greenhouse gases are created when producing this PLA in comparison to the production of HIPS and GPPS

Cold Foiling

Laminated foil board poses many challenges in the recycling process and cannot be recycled or reclaimed, making cold foil the greener solution.

       Environmental Impact

  • Cold Foil has a much lower environmental impact than laminated foilboard. Laminted foilboard consists of a plastic layer, making it not possible to recycle.


  • 100% recyclable

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