" Wooden pallets, which our board is supplied on, have been repurposed by our staff into easels." 

The manufacturing of our packaging results in off-cuts, which were previously recycled. In 2012 we began donating these to Soetlief, a company changing the lives of children through teaching emotional and social coping skills. Their programs train parents and teachers to help children face the emotional and social challenges of today. The cardboard provided is used for craft activities teaching the children specific skills to identify, communicate and control emotions as well as in play therapy sessions. 

" My dream has always been to become an art teacher. Thank you for making it a reality for me!" 

Augustine Makombe

heART is an organization funded by Printafoil which began by running art classes for 60 kids, twice a week, from Thembisa and Krugersdorp. These art classes proved to have such an incredible impact on the children, providing a safe space where they were able to come, keeping them off the streets to freely express themselves.


From there we have expanded this experience for many more children by fully funding an art teacher and, in conjunction with experienced art teachers, put together a comprehensive art curriculum to teach withWooden pallets, which our board is supplied on, have been repurposed by our staff into easels. These along with the paints, brushes, pencils and paper we donate have created complete art classes for three schools which previously were not able to afford to include art in their curriculums. 

 Through this creative program we have found the learners levels of expression are enhanced which assists in dealing with behavioural issues and increasing their self-esteem.